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Data Science - Senior

Learn to create Deep Learning algorithms from the experts

 This three-day course covers the fundamentals of Deep Learning and explains how it differs from traditional Machine Learning. Developed by consultants with a proven track record of developing and deploying Deep Learning models at leading, data-driven enterprises, this training delivers the right mix of theory and hands-on practice. You will gain the practical skills you need to implement your own Deep Learning algorithms and learn to apply them to unstructured data, such as images or text.

This training is for you if…

  • You want to leverage the power of deep learning to solve problems that would be impossible to solve with more traditional ML techniques

  • You have (some) experience with data science & machine learning

  • You want a practical course that will teach you to build your own deep learning models

  • You want to understand enough theory to make the right decisions for your deep learning models

This training is not for you if…

  • You never work with unstructured data, such as text, images, audio or video and never expect to either

  • You have no experience with Python or data science whatsoever (check out the Certified Data Science with Python training instead)

  • You are already familiar with DL basics and want to apply it to a specific data type (check out the Deep Learning Applied to NLP training instead)

  • You are not interested in applying DL in practice; you’re just here for the maths and theory

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What you'll learn

During the training

  • The history of Deep Learning
  • How to determine your network architecture
  • How to choose which loss functions to use
  • The best structure and way of working for creating your neural network
  • Advanced topics within Keras API, such as embedding layers, lambda layers, custom layers, and tensor operations within neural networks

The schedule

Day 1
  • The basics of neural networks (backpropagation, optimizers, activation functions).
  • How to use Keras for Deep Learning
  • Heuristics to get your network to learn and perform
Day 2
  • Advanced knowledge of Keras API
  • Convolutional neural networks with an application for image recognition
Day 3
  • Recurrent neural networks (LSTM, GRU) with an application for time series and NLP
  • Final hands-on lab based on participants interest and feedback

After the training you will be able to:

  • Build and train your own neural networks with Keras/TensorFlow
  • Apply deep learning to a range of different types of data: image, text and time series
  • Intuitively understand the theory behind Deep Learning to make the right choices

learning journey

Data Science Learning Journey

meet your trainer

Marysia Winkels

Data Scientist

Marysia is a data scientist who is proud to work on any AI application that can provide solutions to real-world problems. She is always eager to learn from, and be inspired by, her peers.

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