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11 Oct - 13 Oct, 2023
Online, instructor-led / English
6 Nov - 8 Nov, 2023
Amsterdam / English


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Data Scientist Learning Journey - Junior

Certified Data Science with Python Foundation Training

Learn the best practice in for effective data science and machine learning with this practical Python training. Explore how Python can help you take the next step in your Data & AI career, guided by GoDataDriven’s Data Science experts in this 3-days course. Earn the Data Science with Python Foundation certification after the training.

This training is for you if…

  • You have some basic experience with Python (or any other programming language)

  • You want to get certified in data science

  • You are eager  to get more out of your data and build your own predictive models

  • You would like to apply best practices to your data science projects

  • You hope to better communicate and collaborate with your data science colleagues

This training is not for you if…

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What you'll learn

Machine Learning with scikit-learn

  • Machine Learning models
  • Data Transformations
  • Data Estimators
  • How to combine these into pipelines
  • How to automate everything in a grid search
  • How to write building blocks

Machine learning theory

  • Identify the type of machine learning task (classification or regression, supervised or unsupervised, and others) 
  • Differentiate between several machine learning algorithms (such as linear regression, decision tree, support vector machine)
  • Create models that generalize (underfitting and overfitting, train-test split, k-fold cross-validation)

Understand how to evaluate your model’s effectiveness with various metrics (such as precision & recall, F1, root mean squared error, r2)


  • Fetch descriptive summary statistics of your data with simple operations
  • Effectively select and filter parts of your data with loc
  • Retrieve advanced statistics with groupby aggregations
  • Extend your dataset by creating new columns with assign 
  • Structure your code neatly by chaining methods 

Learn to apply best practices, such as pipe and lambda, to prevent bugs

The schedule

Training Day 1
  • Working with Jupyter notebooks in a sustainable way
  • How to do numerical computations and linear algebra with NumPy
  • Visualizing data with Matplotlib, Seaborn, and other packages
  • Transforming and munging data with pandas
Training Day 2
  • ML concepts:
    • Why and when to use ML
    • Types of Learning tasks & ML approaches
  • ML Theory:
    • Optimisation with gradient descent
    • Under/Overfitting, Generalisation & Regularization
  • Introduction to Scikit-Learn
    • Training & evaluating a Scikit-Learn estimator
    • Interpreting a Scikit-Learn model
  • Overview of ML algorithms
    • Pros & Cons of the most common ML models
    • How to choose an appropriate ML model
Training Day 3
  • Scikit-learn Pipelines
    • Preprocessing with Scikit-Learn transformers
    • Cross-validation and hyperparameter searches
  • Hackathon
  • Data Science with Python Foundation exam


After the training you will be able to:

  • Perform exploratory data analysis on your datasets with pandas.
  • Train and evaluate machine learning models with scikit-learn.
  • Identify the right machine learning algorithm and metric for your data problem.
  • Prepare complex data for machine learning with techniques such as scaling, encoding, and imputing.
  • Apply best practices for data wrangling and model building.

learning journey

Data Science Learning Journey


Data Science with Python Foundation Certification

We have worked together with APMG International to offer you a recognized partner to get certified in Data Science.

The exam and Data Science with Python Foundation certificate are included in the course Data Science with Python Foundation. The exam can be taken directly after the training or at a moment of your choice. If you get at least 50% of the 50 multiple choice questions right, you will pass the exam and receive your certificate. More information about the exam can be found here. Prepare in advance with this Data Science with Python Foundation sample exam here. Please select “Data Science with Python Foundation (2021)” from the dropdown menu.


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meet your trainer

James Hayward

Data Educator

James holds a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam (Cum Laude); a Master’s in Educational Leadership from UCL (Merit); and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Manchester (First Class Honours). He is fluent in Python and its data science libraries, such as Pandas and Sci-kit Learn, and is proficient with the deep learning frameworks PyTorch and TensorFlow.

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Course: Certified Data Science with Python Foundation Training

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