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22 Nov - 25 Nov, 2022
Online, instructor-led / English


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Data Science - Senior

What will the future hold?

Learn the steps to create a Time Series forecast. From inventory to website visitors, resource planning to financial data, time-series data is all around us. But how can you know what the future holds? This two-day course empowers you to go beyond “spotting trends” and make data-driven business forecasts.

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What you'll learn

  • How to effectively handle time-series data
  • Python utilities that make working with time-series a breeze
  • Why model validation with time-series data cannot follow the traditional machine learning methodology
  • Time Series Forecasting Models in Python

  • How to determine which model best suits particular time series data
  • Why feature engineering is fundamental to the success of your modeling
  • How to incorporate seasonality into your models

The schedule

Day 1

The program consists of eleven blocks. Each block consists of a theory component and a hands-on lab.

  • Time features encoding and formatting;
  • Pandas time series features (smoothing, resampling, re-weighting);
  • Sessionization and holiday detection
  • Feature Engineering for time series
  • Additive vs Multiplicative features
  • Error-Trend-Seasonality Decomposition;
Day 2
  • Seasonality estimation;
  • Forecast evaluation and model selection;
  • Forecasting with Prophet;
  • Switch-point Detection;
  • Outlier Detection.

learning journey

Data Science Learning Journey

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Marysia Winkels

Data Scientist

Marysia is a data scientist who is proud to work on any AI application that can provide solutions to real-world problems. She is always eager to learn from, and be inspired by, her peers.

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Course: Practical Time Series Analysis & Forecasting Training

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