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Data Science Learning Journey - Senior

Data Science with Spark Training

Apache Spark is a powerful, open-source processing engine built around speed, ease of use, and advanced analytics. In this course, you will learn to unlock its full potential and master this challenging tool.

This training is for you if…

  • You have worked with Python before and you want to know how to scale to large datasets

  • You have started, or are about to start, working with large data

  • You know the concepts of machine learning and you want to know how to apply them at scale

This training is not for you if…

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What you'll learn

Spark basics

  • Spark execution and the Spark session
  • Transformations vs. actions
  • Laziness and lineage: how Spark optimizes code
  • How to use the Spark UI


  • Spark DataFrames vs pandas DataFrames
  • How to load and save DataFrames
  • How to join data
  • User-defined functions and pandas’ user-defined functions (with performance implications)
  • Window operations

Advanced Spark

  • How to apply partitioning and how Spark reads and writes data
  • Shuffling, narrow wide operations, and thei impact on performance
  • The catalyst optimizer
  • About scheduling and job execution
  • About caching and persistence levels

  • Machine learning with Spark
  • Pre-processing data and feature engineering
  • Model selection
  • Pipeline API
  • Advanced topics

Spark structured streaming

  • Structured streaming
  • Machine learning & streaming
  • Windows and aggregations
  • Fault tolerance & Kafka
  • Kafka as a source and sink

The schedule

Training Day 1
  • Spark execution and Spark sessions
  • DataFrame methods, properties, and actions
  • APIs: (Py)Spark DataFrame vs Spark SQL
  • Reading and writing data in Spark
Training Day 2
  • The anatomy of a Spark job
  • Narrow and wide transformations
  • Window functions
Training Day 3
  • Applied machine learning in Spark
  • Spark structured streaming
  • Integrating Apache Spark with Apache Kafka

After the training you will be able to:

  • Process large-scale data using PySpark
  • Understand the fundamentals of Apache Spark
  • Perform machine learning on large-scale data

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Machine Learning Engineering Learning Journey

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Vadim Nelidov

Data Enchanter

Vadim is Data Scientist passionate about solving data-driven problems and sharing his analytical insights to make Data literacy a reality for all.

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Course: Data Science with Spark Training

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