Analytics Engineering

Analytics Engineering Learning Journey

Develop the skills and learn to use the tools to

Build analytics use cases at scale in your organization

Do you want to learn about the latest tools from the Modern Data Stack that will help you build analytics uses at scale? Tools like Fivetrand, dbt or Power BI will completely change the way you do analytics at your company.


The role of an analytics Engineer

Want to know more about the role of analytics engineer within an organisation and which tasks are part of your job?

Read more on the role of an Analytics Engineer

Analytics Engineering Learning Journey

Analytics Engineering Learning Journey


Learning Journey for Analytics Engineering

This journey provides a solid foundation for your start as an Analytics Engineer.

For who is the Analytics Engineering learning journey applicable?

  • Data Analysts that want to get closer to the engineering side of analytics
  • Data Engineers that want to get closer to the business value of data

Analytics engineering with dbt – Transform data in your warehouse

Data build tool has become the de-facto tool for orchestrating data transformations within your data warehouse. In this course you will learn how dbt combines jinja, SQL and software engineering best practices to build transformation pipelines.

  • Build models to shape your data from raw data to transformed data
  • Configure and run tests on your data to meet your expectations
  • Write, generate, and view documentation while you develop
  • Deploy your dbt Project to run on a schedule with dbt Cloud
  • Leverage Jinja and Macros to write DRY code
  • Learn about how dbt interacts with Data Warehouse and BI Tools

Analytics engineering with dbt – Transform data in your warehouse

What Analytics Engineers at Xebia have to say

Curious about the experiences of Analytics Engineers at Xebia? Let them tell you their experiences in this video

Watch the video about Analytics Engineers at Xebia

Power BI in a day training

In this course you will learn everything you need to become a proficient Power BI user. From loading data, to modelling, creating a dashboard and publishing the results to be shared with your colleagues.

  • Introduction into Microsoft Power BI and the Power Query Editor
  • Hands-on: extracting, transforming and loading data into the Power Query Editor
  • Data modeling and data visualization
  • Hands-on: building a data model and creating and sharing a dashboard
  • Hands-on: adding extra functionalities to your dashboards, such as navigation and interaction or building a dashboard based on your own data set

Power BI in a day training

Data Visualization and Storytelling Training

This course is focused on showing you the importance of choosing the right visualizations to convey your story with data. Bar charts vs pie charts, color selection, labels… all of this has an impact on how your end user will receive and understand your insights.

  • What is data storytelling
  • Why is data storytelling an important skill today?
  • Power BI for Visualization
  • Choosing the right graph for your use case
  • Information design best practices
  • Labelling visualisations for impact
  • Impactful colour palettes
  • How to use meaningful narratives
  • Objective vs Subjective graphs
  • How to make neutral graphs
  • The difference between storytelling and opinion

Data Visualization and Storytelling Training

Next Steps

Training Directions After This Learning Journey

Whatever your background, our Analytics Engineering learning journey will equip you with the knowledge needed for the role as an Analytics Engineer. After this learning journey, the continued learning path varies depending on your experience and aspired direction.

Deepen Your Data Science Skills?

Want to start using Python to make more informed and data-driven decisions? Start today with the Data Analysis with Python course makes for an excellent entry point to embark on the Data Science Learning Journey.

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Deepen Your Product Owner Skills

Data Scientists who want to deepen their product owner skills If your experience is in data science, you will benefit from further developing your product owner skills. Xebia Academy offers an excellent variety of certified product owner courses.

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