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“The sexiest job of the 21st century!” declared the now-famous Harvard Business Review article that sparked all the hype around data science in 2011.“

We’ve experienced first hand what works and what doesn’t through our consulting business, and we pass that knowledge on to you through our education business. You learn all the ins and outs of the data science models most seen in the field, in a fast-paced classroom training that ups your game.

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The Data Science Learning Journey

The training courses in this journey teach you new skills and empower you to stay ahead professionally. We offer solid fundamentals that apply to practical Python courses, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. We also offer courses on Spark, R, and Deep Learning.

Our learning journeys are designed to find the perfect balance between the theory from university with the intensity of a bootcamp. These ingredients are blended into a training format that fits anyone preferred style of learning. You might not start a Ph.D. after one of our courses, but you won’t need to take a three-month sabbatical to become proficient either. We teach you enough theory to know when you’re playing with fire, but we focus on applicability for your job.


Discover your knowledge level of Python for Data Science

Learning Journey

Junior Data Scientist

Learning Goals for a Junior Data Scientist


  • Possess a broad knowledge of machine learning concepts
  • Be able to write good code with guidance
  • Be able to quickly apply the right category of models to data

Training Courses

Learning Journey

Medior Data Scientist

Learning Goals for a Medior Data Scientist

  • Know what data and algorithms are best suited to solve a business problem.
  • Be able to write good code, understand performance trade-offs of different models and data structures

Training Courses

  • Practical Time Series Analysis & Forecasting/ 2-daysPublic & In-Company
    From inventory to website visitors, resource planning to financial data, time-series data is all around us. But how can you know what the future holds? This two-day course empowers you to go beyond “spotting trends” and make data-driven business forecasts.
  • Advanced Data Science with Python/ 2-daysPublic & In-Company
    Two days of nothing but Data Science, Machine Learning and advanced Python skills. You know Machine Learning, but working with it on a daily basis is a different story. This course is packed with best practices, models, code, algorithms and a framework to improve your projects.
  • Production – Ready Machine Learning / 1-dayIn-Company
    Learn the best practice to bring your machine learning models into production with this practical training about how software engineers manage their code, how more advanced Python features can make your life easier, and how to go from notebooks to packages in this 1-day course.
  • Machine Learning Explainability /1-day – In-Company
    Get a toolbox of interpretability techniques that you can use in your daily work, understanding when and how you can and should use it. Start by applying techniques based on implementations from popular packages and what their drawbacks are, to prevent investigating blackbox models with blackbox interpretability techniques.


+ Optimization / 2-days – In-Company

Learning Journey

Senior Data Scientist

Learning Goals for a Senior Data Scientist

  • Understand the trade-offs necessary to bring a model into production, including the data, scoring, modeling, training, and monitoring.
  • Understand how to accommodate trade-offs and can discuss with engineers and business.
  • Be able to effectively use a distributed framework to perform data science (e.g. Spark)

Training Courses

  • Deep Learning / 3-daysPublic & In-Company
    This GoDataDriven training offers a 3-day deep-dive into Deep Learning. Are you looking for a Data Science training to understand what makes Deep Learning so powerful and how to apply it to your projects
  • Data Science with Spark / 3-daysPublic & In-Company
    This GoDataDriven training offers a 3-day deep-dive into Apache Spark. Learn to master the tools Apache Spark offers, unlock its potential and advance your Data Science skills.
  • Deep Learning Applied to NLP / 2-daysIn-Company
    This 2-day training offers a deep-dive into game-changer tech.
  • Optimizing Apache Spark & Tuning Best Practices / 2-daysIn-Company
    Processing data efficiently can be challenging as it scales up. Building up from the experience we built at the largest Apache Spark users in the world, we give you an in-depth overview of the do’s and don’ts of one of the most popular analytics engines out there.


+ Reinforcement Learning / 2-days – In-Company
+ Graph Processing / 2-days – In-Company


Boost your career by starting a job in Data Science!

Do you want to learn how to successfully apply Python? THE programming language for Data & AI!

This 12 week Bootcamp will guide you through all the ins and outs of becoming truly “Data Driven”.

Do you find it hard to learn from scratch or without guidance? Our experienced trainers will lead you along this journey, taking you from scratch to a professional level.

After finishing this program, you’ll leave as a certified Data Scientist and feel empowered to start boosting your career by applying these new skills!



Develop the skills of your organization

Find the right courses to grow your team’s Data & AI skills, or design learning journeys at scale to empower your entire organization.

In-Company Training Programs

From Python Foundation to Start-Up Cofounder -Anne Willem de Vries

How often do you book a training course and end up founding a start-up through someone you meet there? Well, that’s exactly what Anne Willem de Vries did after completing GoDataDriven’s Data Science with Python training.

“I met an entrepreneur from the publishing world during the Python training,” Anne Willem recalled. “He was very interested in data, and together we worked on creating a churn model that was quite a success,” he laughed. “It ended up saving him close to €100,000.” After that, the entrepreneur introduced Anne Willem to his partners, and within a few months, they started Silverflow, a payment processing company.


Next Steps

Training Directions After This Learning Journey

Learning Journeys guide you through our curriculum and ensure the courses meet your needs and provide an effective development path. For example, our three Python courses take participants from beginner to expert, after which you can choose a specialization course to further hone their skills.

Deepen Your Data Enigeering Skills?

We’ll teach you how to leverage Docker to ease your deployments and navigate code written by data scientists ( Advanced Python and Data Science in Production). You will learn to use Apache Airflow, Apache Spark, and Kafka like a forklift to move data around.

Data Engineering Learning Journey


Deepen Your Data Science Skills

As a Data Scientist, you turn raw and often unstructured data into valuable insights. But that’s not all! You extract information from the organization and make predictions for the future. GoDataDriven offers an excellent variety of certified Data Science courses.

Data Science Learning Journey


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