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Data Analyst Learning Journey

Develop the skills and learn to use the tools to

Future-proof your career by learning how to analyze data

Learn how to explore data sources and databases and find actionable insights. Create graphs, dashboards, and reports to check if your KPIs are on track. Automate simple data workflows and overcome all of the manual work involved in maintaining up-to-date Excel sheets.


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Learning Journey for Data Analyst

How do you become a data analyst? Start here! Our rich library of courses is constantly expanding. Our courses combine just the right blend of theory with practice exercises. By the end of the training, you will be able to apply your knowledge and provide value to your organization, using your own data.

You will also learn Power BI—a key tool for engaging with business data, especially if your company is already using Azure cloud or other Microsoft products.

Power BI in a Day

After this 1-day training (available online instructor-led, classroom, and in-company), you will be able to use Power BI independently and create and share simple but useful dashboards.

This training is perfect for

Professionals that use data analysis and visualization and are looking for a way to create better insights. Whether you have just started as a Data Analyst, or you work in a field that uses data analysis, you will benefit from this training. The training starts with the basics of creating a Power BI dashboard, so no previous experience with Power BI is required.

Power BI in a day training

Microsoft Power BI – PL-300 Training

Get ready for the Microsoft PL-300 exam! The 3,5 day training consists of preparing, modeling, visualizing, analyzing data and deploying and maintaining deliverables.

You will be prepared by a certified Microsoft trainer who deeply enjoys helping you work with the latest tools, bringing examples from real-world usage.

Microsoft Power BI – PL-300 Training

Advanced Power BI – DAX & Data Modeling Training

You will be able to use Power BI independently and create and share simple, insightful, useful dashboards. The training will provide both a theoretical background on the inner workings of Power BI and hands-on experience with the tool.

This training is perfect for

Power BI users, with over a year of experience, who want to bring their M and DAX knowledge to the next level.

Advanced Power BI – DAX & Data Modeling training

Next Steps

Training Directions After This Learning Journey

Whatever your background, our Data Analyst learning journey will equip you with the knowledge and skills to take on this challenge with confidence. After this learning journey, the continued learning path varies depending on your experience and aspired direction.

Deepen Your Data Science Skills?

Want to start using Python to make more informed and data-driven decisions? Start today with the Data Analysis with Python course makes for an excellent entry point to embark on the Data Science Learning Journey.

Data Science Learning Journey


Deepen Your Analytics Translation Skills

Data Scientists who want to deepen their Analytics Translation skills If your experience is in data science, you will benefit from further developing your product owner skills. Xebia Academy offers an excellent variety of certified product owner courses.

Analytics Translation Learning Journey

Develop the skills of your organization

Find the right courses to grow your team’s Data & AI skills, or design learning journeys at scale to empower your entire organization.

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