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Learn how to containerize your solutions.

Containerized solutions are here to stay — but what exactly are containers? And how do you build, use and run them? This course covers those questions and more. In a single day, you will learn exactly how Docker containers work — how to build them, how to place your solutions in them, and most importantly, how to run them.

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What you'll learn

You will learn:

  • How to containerise your solution
  • How to interact with the container
  • How to properly structure the containerised solution

The schedule

  • How to work with volumes and containers
  • How docker builds layers and how this knowledge improves your Dockerfile
  • Interacting with the containers
  • How to enjoy the automation that docker-compose gives you
  • How to lint Dockerfiles automatically

learning journey

Machine Learning Engineering Learning Journey

This online course is perfect for

IT engineers/architects and even curious data scientists, who work in a DevOps related area and find themselves involved in a microservice type of architecture or simply wish to learn how to better structure and run their solutions in a cluster. Basic knowledge of *nix is convenient but not essential.

What will you learn during the Docker training?

After this training, you will understand how Docker containers work and be able to containerise your solutions.

meet your trainer

Tim van Cann

Data Magician

Tim is often referred to as machine learning engineer. He has a background in Artificial Intelligence (MSc) and Software Development and as such enjoys building scalable machine learning solutions, feeling comfortable with both data science and data engineering.

His main focus is getting models to production to achieve business value.

Tim is often seen in the gym lifting weights. He also takes the occasional run, bike ride, swim, or crossfit WOD. Ask him anything about food and/or fitness and you’ll likely get a helpful answer.

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Course: Docker

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