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Create Data Science Products

Just like ice cream, code from data scientists comes in different flavors, shapes and sizes. Creating Data Science products out of it, require understanding the various ingredients and data science techniques, without being an expert on any particular machine learning model. In this course you’ll be introduced to how to efficiently productionize data science models.

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What you'll learn

  • How to restructure a notebook into a Python package
  • How to choose the right file format for storing your data
  • How to create testable pipelines from code written by data scientists
  • How to monitor models running in production

The schedule

  • Pandas dataframes
  • Sklearn pipelines
  • Data Serialization
  • Hands-on code refactoring exercise

learning journey

Data Engineering Learning Journey

This online course is perfect for

Data and Machine Learning Engineers who deal with productionizing Data Science models. Basic experience with Python is required. If you’re not quite there yet, we recommend the Python for Data Engineers course as preparation for this training.

What will you learn during the Create Data Science Products training?

After this training, you will have learned how to take data science models into production. You will understand the pandas and scikit-learn APIs and pipelines to effectively structure Python code. You will also learn about serializing data and monitoring models.

meet your trainer

Tim van Cann

Data Magician

Tim is often referred to as machine learning engineer. He has a background in Artificial Intelligence (MSc) and Software Development and as such enjoys building scalable machine learning solutions, feeling comfortable with both data science and data engineering.

His main focus is getting models to production to achieve business value.

Tim is often seen in the gym lifting weights. He also takes the occasional run, bike ride, swim, or crossfit WOD. Ask him anything about food and/or fitness and you’ll likely get a helpful answer.

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Course: Create Data Science Products Training

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