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From idea to use case

Advanced Analytics Translation

This Advanced Analytics Translation training delves into the first phase of the AI Solution Framework: the ideation phase. We address hosting an ideation session, building a value case for a data science product, and successfully interacting with stakeholders to make it all happen.

This training includes a personal follow-up with the trainer one month after the course. During this one-on-one coaching session, you will discuss your business case and receive feedback and insights.

This training is for you if…

  • You participated in the Certified Analytics Translation Training (or an in-company equivalent)


  • You want to host successful ideation sessions.

  • You want to build a value case for an AI solution.

  • You need to communicate with various stakeholders effectively

This training is not for you if…

  • You’ve never heard of the value chain of data science or the AI solution framework (book the Certified Analytics Translation training instead).
  • You’d rather sit back and wait for use cases to come in.
  • You don’t care about creating AI solutions with business value in mind.

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What you'll learn


  • Host an ideation session to identify opportunities for analytics solutions
  • Break down your objective in drivers, sub-drivers, and hypotheses
  • Identify analytics opportunities related to ideation elements and decide which opportunities to focus on first


  • Build a business case for an analytics solution
  • How model performance impacts the bottom-line

Co-operation with stakeholders

  • Successfully interact with your stakeholders, because you cannot do this alone.

The schedule

Day 1:
  • Pyramid principle
  • Ideation session
Day 2:
  • The business case for an AI solution
  • Successful stakeholder interactions
Plus an 1-hour Personal Coaching Session (one month after the course)
  • Discuss and improve your business case
  • Set actionable goals to make your AI solution a success

After this training you’ll be able to:

  • Successfully host ideation sessions.
  • Effectively communicate with your stakeholders.
  • Build a solid value case for your AI solutions.

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Steven van Duin

Analytics Educator

Steven is passionate about helping others grow. In his trainings, he likes to bring concepts to life by refering to previous experiences that he obtained as a consultant in various (data) projects.

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Course: Advanced Analytics Translation

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