Empower Your Whole Workforce

Data & AI Accelerator Program for Enterprises

Transforming into a Data-Driven Global Enterprise

As an enterprise, how do you become fully data & AI-driven? Engraining data & AI in the DNA of your employees’ way of working is an immense challenge. Let us help you climb that mountain.

For the Entire Workforce

The Data & AI Accelerator Program is especially designed for enterprise organizations that want to upskill their whole workforce. There are learning journeys, courses and certifications for every type of employee.

Whether its C-level executives, data scientists or employees that rarely touch data, this program covers every individual’s training needs.

Gain Hands-On Experience with Data & AI

Together with you, GoDataDriven shapes and executes this program, from the baseline assessment to delivering training and executing AI use cases. What makes the program so effective and unique is the combination of learning methods.

It’s more than classroom or online courses. All participants go hands-on with data & AI and create their own use cases.

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Get in touch with Giovanni Lanzani, our managing director of training & development. Kickstart your transformation with a 15 minute call, where you can lay out your challenges and we can lay a foundation for further discussions.

Use Case


Transforming into a tech company with a banking license. That was the goal of ING. To facilitate this transformation, GoDataDriven launched the worldwide Data & AI Accelerator Program, training over 5,000 ING employees face-to-face and 52,000 in total.

“ING wants to become a data-driven organization with Analytics as a business model. Xebia is our partner in accomplishing this ambition. They have the expertise to deliver a wide range of trainings, for our business people, our executive and the experienced Data Scientists.”

Mieke Nan Analytics Academy Lead at ING

Why Enterprises Love the Data & AI Accelerator Program

Program Design from Start to Finish

We design the full Data & AI Accelerator Program with you. Together you and us decide on goals, learning journeys, training courses and data & AI roles. The design of the program is completely tailored towards the goals, challenges and capabilities of your organization.

Authority from the Field, like No Other

All of our trainers work in the field as consultants. They experience and solve challenges like yours every day. Your organization will benefit enormously from this experience. We don’t come from an abstract background, we are practicioners as much as we are teachers.

High Satisfaction Rate

The Data & AI Accelerator Program was a success across the board. Participants rated their training courses with an 8.5. The program enabled ING to establish best practices and a standardized way of working, letting the bank tackle AI challenges better than ever before.

Learn Today, Apply Tomorrow

Applicability of our training courses is a sacred value for GoDataDriven. Our programs are designed so your employees can apply their acquired knowledge straight away. In the Data & AI Accelerator Program every participant participates in data & AI use cases, giving them direct hands-on experience and a much deeper understanding.

Upskilling for Your Whole Workforce

The program has a learning journey for each type of employee in your workforce.

  • C-level and executives become Analytics Sponsors empowering the data & AI transformation.
  • Data Scientists and Engineers get trained to be the best in the business.
  • Analytics Translators ensure maximum value from data & AI.
  • The general workforce becomes Analytics Ambassadors understanding and able to apply data & AI in their everyday work.

To stay on top of our field, it is very valuable for us to be trained by top-level experts, who have academic as well as practical experience. GoDataDriven’s Data & AI Accelerator Program is very important to us.

Wendell Kuling, Director Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence at ING

Program Design

Five Elements of the Data & AI Accelerator Program

The Data & AI Accelerator Program is designed using a set framework. This allows for both a quick implementation and flexibility to tailor the program to your needs

1. Assessment and Goal Setting

During the first phase we assess the baseline capabilities of your workforce, determine the personas and set the goals for the desired end result.

2. Learning Journey Design

With the start and end point decided, a learning journey is designed for each persona. This learning journey includes all types of training, examination and certification, together with governance and training logistics.

3. Curriculum Creation

We review and update our existing material and create new material if required. To ensure a fit of the material with your employees, we field test the material with selected colleagues in the target roles.

4. Program Execution

The moment the magic happens, the program is executed and our trainers work on upskilling your employees to become truly data & AI-driven. The program consists of a mix of classroom and online trainings, meetups and hackathons. We constantly update the course material during the Accelerator Program, so your employees will always have the latest info.

5. Evaluation and Improvements

After each session participants receive an evaluation asking them to rate it. Based on their feedback we evaluate the session and improve future sessions.

How can we help?

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