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Of all training delivery methods, our Virtual Classroom approach has quickly become the most popular option. This is not without reason, at the Virtual Classrooms provides everyone everywhere an interactive environment to effectively develop data and AI skills.

The Virtual Classroom is a dynamic training environment. It combines the best of classroom training with the enhanced experience of digital technologies.



Blending theory and hands-on into an interactive learning experience

The Set-Up of the GoDataDriven Virtual Classroom

As part of our “learn today – apply tomorrow”-philosophy, every online training is geared towards approximating a real-life hands-on experience as much as possible. Besides enjoying theoretical lectures based on experience, participants are encouraged to challenge themselves in the hands-on labs that play a central role in every section.


The live trainer explains the theory by sharing slides and live illustrations, encourages interaction and actively answers questions. Every training is packed with interactive elements such as hands-on labs, quizzes and live coding examples.

The Training Environment

You will enjoy our training by entering a secure video-conferencing environment with high-quality audio and video. The trainer will present materials centrally, while you can collaborate with group members in a private break-out room.

Hands-On Exercises

Every training comes packed with hands-on labs, so it’s not all leaning back and taking in. For all hands-on sessions that involve technical material, you will be working with Instruqt. Instruqt is a platform that gives you browser-based access to any practical exercise. Jupyter, R, ElasticSearch, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka: you name it! There is no need to install anything on your computaer. The trainer simply shares a URL with you and you can start hacking.

Whiteboards and Lectures

The trainer takes plenty of time to explain every topic and answer every question in detail. Our trainers use special online software to make interactive whiteboards and plan boards part of the learning experience.

Training for Individuals

Interested in an online public training for yourself?

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Engaging and Energetic

Our training programs are information-heavy and cover all the details. That is why our training programs consist of half-day modules.

The big benefit is that this way, you have more time for the material to sink in. Just like in college, university, to us it makes no sense to deliver 8 hours of the same. For a physical classroom training, often it is practically impossible to get an entire group together for multiple half-day sessions, esepeciialy when they are  decentralized. However, with online training, you can organize a training in an optimal way.

We’ve seen that the energy level during the training stays consistently higher. Everyone has experienced that after 2/3 hours of intensive training, the brain gets tired. With half-day training, you know that the information that has been shared can also be absorbed.

The Online Training Rhythm

Every module consists of 1 hour blocks that are divided into 20′ lectures, 30′ exercises and 10′ breaks.

  • After approximately 50′ you will have a 10′ break;
  • The trainer will present about 20′ of “lecture”, after which you will get 30′ to take this into practice. There are several checkpoints in between. That way you never stay behind and you’re never really passive for more than 20′ at a time.
  • After a break, be prepared to present some of the covered material after the breaks. Not only does the premise of having to present keeps attention levels high, it’s especially fun and it gives the trainer an idea of which concept maybe need some more exploration.

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