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Mark Schep – Data Science for Product Owners Trainer

Industrial engineer Mark Schep teaches the Data Science for Product Owners course. He likes the dynamics of this training, especially the fact that you don’t need to be a programmer to attend. Participants come from many backgrounds and organizations and are often data analysts, data scientists, managers, and product owners with a data background.

Translate Business Challenges Into AI Use Cases

Mark explains: “Many organizations have trouble understanding where to start or how to get their data science projects past the pilot phase. These issues are frustrating for everyone. Data science teams are frustrated because their products are not implemented, and business teams are not happy that the desired business value is not achieved. During this training, we cover how you, as a data science product owner, can translate business challenges into AI use cases and get them implemented in your organization.”

“In practice, we often see a data scientist getting a set of data and a broad request to find something valuable. We call this ‘technology push,’ and it often results in a mismatch with the business. During the training, we work the other way around, first identifying business value and then working backward to a fit-for-purpose AI solution. This way, you learn to create a ‘business pull’ for valuable AI solutions. We provide useful hands-on tools to guide you through the ideation, experimentation, and industrialization phases of an AI project.”

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New Energy

In addition to learning theory and doing practical assignments, participants play some fun games. Mark describes: “One of the exercises is a kind of Monopoly game for analytics in which participants work on creating value by bringing AI use cases into production.”

“During the assignments, you can work on any business problem you want. I’ve had participants work on preventive maintenance cases, and also someone from a bank who wanted to use AI to determine the data-based mortgage interest rate. Whatever you’re working on, you’ll go home energized, with a bunch of ideas, and ready to translate analytics in your organization.”

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