Data Science Product Owner

Develop the Skills to Translate Business Ideas into Analytical Applications

The Must-Have Role for AI-Driven Organizations

The Data Science Product Owner is often referred to as an Analytics Translator.

This video training is interesting for Product Owners who need to scope data science / ML / AI projects. IT managers, CTO’s, CMO’s, as well as Innovation Managers working in IT, Managers Advanced Analytics will equally benefit from this free Analytics Translator video training.

Why watch this video training?

Watch this video to learn about the role of Data Science Product Owner, also known as Analytics Translator. Develop the skills to overcome the most common difficulties when building AI solutions. The Data Science Product Owner enables the execution of your company’s AI strategy by finding the right use cases, liaising between business and data experts, and embedding AI solutions into your organization.

Key takeaways

  • The typical responsibilities of a Data Science Product Owner
  • Key differences between an analytics translator and a typical product owner
  • The added value of the analytics translator for AI-driven enterprises
  • Key elements of a successful way of working to develop AI-solutions

Free Video Training: Analytics Translator


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  • Deloitte

An Analytics Translator drives the development of successful AI solutions

In recent years, numerous organizations have invested a great deal of time and money in developing their data and AI capabilities. Sold on the promises of accelerating top-line revenue growth or increasing the bottom-line, most business were off to a flying start. Now, a couple of years in, some organizations find themselves disillusioned. Stuck at running one-off analyses and proof-of-concepts that don’t add any value, they are yet to see any return on their investments.

How to overcome the most common difficulties when building AI solutions?

The analytics translator plays a key role in the journey to success with data and AI.