"One of my favorite moments is to see a sparkle in people’s eyes when they face surprising insights that you uncovered in their data. Knowledge that was always there, but remained hidden until a proper key was found."

Vadim Nelidov

Data Enchanter

Vadim combines advanced data science with business insights to make data work with an impact. He sees far beyond what is on the surface and gets to the essence of the problems, discovering innovative long term solutions rather than temporary fixes. Having an academic background, Vadim is always at the frontier of the latest techniques and innovations. This allows him to understand, optimize, and interpret cutting-edge algorithms that may be merely a black box for others.

Vadim is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights, believing that Data literacy should not be a privilege of a few. And his goal is to be there to make this a reality. Making the intricacies of data analysis intelligible and uncovering the regularities hiding in the data is a major source of inspiration for Vadim.

Beyond conventional Data Science, Vadim is a Reinforcement Learning & Automated Behavior enthusiast. In his spare time, he is curious about discovering applications of automated decision systems in domains such as art and music.
Please feel free to contact Vadim if you want to know how Data Science can provide unconventional solutions for seemingly everyday problems.

Training Courses:
Data Science with Spark Training
Practical Time Series Analysis & Forecasting Training
Bayesian Modeling Training