"Production is where the fun happens!"

Roy van Santen

Machine Learning Engineer

Roy is a Machine Learning Engineer at Xebia Data. He holds a MSc degree in Chemical Engineering and decided to fully switch to software engineering in 2016.

He is a pragmatic engineer interested in the latest technologies that will always choose the tool that best suits the job. He has a passion for building high-quality and highly maintainable software systems. To achieve this he puts great effort in CI/CD, layered testing, monitoring/alerting and special attention to documentation. He takes an agile and incremental approach to software. He goes by the motto: “if your model is not running in production, it does not exist”. It is better to put a model in production that delivers some value, than having none at all.

He is a team player that communicates clearly with both business and technical colleagues. He takes ownership and responsibility of his work and steps up when a situation demands it. He has vast experience in building customer facing software as well as IT-for-IT systems. He emphasises establishing clear domain terminology understood by all parties involved. He always keeps in mind the bigger pictures with a keen focus on architecture and software component design.