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No matter if you’re a data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, or analytics translator; GoDataDriven offers a complete curriculum of in-depth training modules that is designed for applicability.

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Public Training Courses

Analytics Translation Training

Learn to successfully identify, develop and execute AI use cases inside your organization. Develop the skills to bridge the gap between the technical expertise of data scientists and the operational expertise of the business.

Analytics Translation

Learn how to successfully identify, develop and execute AI use cases.

Advanced Analytics Translation

In this advanced Analytics Translation training, we pay more attention to the first phase of the AI Solution Framework: the Ideation phase.

Data Analyst Training

Learn how to explore data sources and databases and find actionable insights. Create graphs, dashboards, and reports to check if your KPIs are on track. Automate simple data workflows and overcome all of the manual work involved in maintaining up-to-date Excel sheets.

Power BI in a day

Get to grips with creating and sharing Power BI dashboards.

Microsoft Power BI – DA-100

Get ready for the Microsoft DA-100 exam!

Advanced Power BI – DAX & Data Modeling

You will be able to use Power BI independently and create and share simple, insightful, useful dashboards.

Data Science Training

Become familiar and go in-depth with (open-source) data science technologies and methods like Python, R, Spark, Deep Learning. Start your data science learning journey here or challenge yourself to develop your skills to the optimum.

Python for Data Analysts

Start from the basics of Python and gain confidence and hands-on experience to start using Python and Pandas for Data Analysis.

Certified Data Science with Python Foundation

Learn about data science using Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy and more.

A/B Testing and Experiments

Learn how to quickly identify changes that add real value to your company by understanding concepts as shrinkage, distributions, and sampler heuristics.

Practical Time Series Analysis & Forecasting

Learn to forecast long-term time series features additive and multiplicative features, Fourier transforms, hidden Markov methods, and more.

Advanced Data Science with Python

Use Python to train and apply machine learning models.

Data Science - Spark

Master the tools that Spark offers to perform large-scale data science.

Deep Learning

Get hands-on experience with tools such as Keras to train and run your own Deep Learning models

Data Engineering Training

How do you become a data engineering expert? Start here! We’ve put together a carefully crafted learning journey for data engineers. Knowing engineers love to figure things out on their own, we packed the program with opportunities to learn, hands-on, by solving real-life situations. Plus, there’s plenty of practical philosophy, too.

Public dbt Learn Training

Build models to shape your data from raw data to transformed data

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Big Data & Machine Learning Training

Foundation level training is all you need to get started with Big Data and Machine Learning on GCP.

Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform Training

This course is part of Google’s Data Engineering track that leads to the Professional Data Engineer certificate.

Custom Training

Other modules

Besides our public training, we also offer in-house training. Discover all available training modules

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Download the GoDataDriven Guide for a complete overview of available training sessions and data engineering, data science, and analytics translator learning journeys.

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GoDataDriven is part of Xebia Group, a leading global consultancy boutique with over 1,000 consultants across the globe. Our curriculum is part of the complete offering of Xebia Academy, who look after logistical and operational planning and general marketing of our training portfolio.

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Our Approach

Practical Knowledge to Tackle Real-World Data and AI Challenges.

Our end-to-end curriculum provides the right training topics for every level and purpose – from increasing general AI awareness to challenging the most seasoned data professional through in-depth data science and data engineering training.

Learn today, apply tomorrow

Acquire skills that you can apply to your work immediately and increase the business value that you realize. We make sure to push the content of every training far beyond text books and theory.

Learn your way and at your own pace

It’s up to you to select the format that fits your purpose and preferred method of learning. Our curriculum can be delivered through classroom training, in-company training, online, or combinations of both.

Learn by doing, in hands-on labs

We understand that you learn best by doing. That’s why, in every training, you can develop and craft your skills in the hands-on labs. We provide the theory and context to get you up and running.


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