Posted on — 24 October 2019

Doctors Without Borders – Scaling-Up With Azure


Recently, GoDataDriven had the pleasure to receive Ralf van Otterdijk, Humanitarian Data Scientist at Doctors Without Borders (Médicins Sans Frontières).

At a recent meetup of Data Mission, hosted by GoDataDriven, Ralf had spoken about how his small group of scientists and engineers had started to build a data infrastructure on the Azure cloud and what their successes, challenges and learnings were. One of their main challenges are the lack of internal knowledge about Azure cloud services and how to set up larger and more complex data infrastructure on this cloud platform.

After hearing this, we invited Ralf over to talk with Alexander Bij, one of GoDataDriven’s senior data engineers with a strong experience in Azure. Over the course of a morning, Alexander and Ralf spoke about Azure services, Airflow, data formats and many other things.

It was great to experience Alexander’s strong knowledge about data infrastructure and engineering on Azure and to pick his mind on some of the issues we are facing. I took away some very useful advice and pointers for further development.“, was the reaction of Ralf at the end of the afternoon.

We were glad to help and are looking forward to hearing the results when we meet again!

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