Posted on — 01 November 2019

GoDataFest 2019; Five days of data technology

Unique in its kind, GoDataFest brings five days of data technology. In 2019, the week took place from October 28 until November 1. Every day highlighted a specific technology; Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Databricks, Google Cloud, Dataiku and open-source. With over 45 speakers, more than 50 hours of presentations, workshops and tutorials, and 400+ unique participants; This is one full week filled with data learning at the GoDataDriven office.

Check out the presentations and after-movies here.

Amazon Web Services

On Monday GoDataFest kicked off with a day revolving around Amazon Web Services. It was a lightning fast day, with talks about how AWS powers insights into F1 and participants went hands-on with the AWS DeepRacer.

In the morning attendees wrote their own algorithm for the DeepRacer, which they put to the test on track in the afternoon. To close off the day, there was a meetup of the AWS User Group.

Microsoft Azure

Day two was all about Microsoft Azure, with the highlight of the day being the hands-on workshops on Custom Vision AI, AutoML and Visual Interface AMLS. Marian Dragt, AI MVP of the Global AI Community, delivered them with great enthusiasm. There was also an in-depth overview of Microsoft Azure AI by Henk Boelman.


What an energetic day, with many in-depth questions from the participants.

Erni Durdevic from Quby and Arnoud de Munnik en Jerry Vos from wehkamp shared their experiences with the unified analytics platform, Susie Dobing (Sewell) and Bilal Aslam introduced us to what’s new and Michael Mengarelli and Matthew Thomson delivered two outstanding workshops.

Oh yeah, the evening featured a meetup with Timothy Hunter about Koalas and a talk by Niels Zeilemaker.

Next up: Google Cloud and open-source.

Google Cloud

Writing is code is cool, but you know what’s cooler? Solving problems with managed services from Google Cloud. Abishay Rao – Partner Engineer at Google Cloud

On Thursday, Rokesh Jankie was giving away pipelines for free (major Oprah Winfrey moments!), Diederik Greveling and Matthijs Dabroek from Mollie and Gijs Heuvingh and Frank Bervoets from WEBB Traders shared their GCP story, Abishay Rao unraveled Big QueryML, Sebastien Fabri demonstrated Looker, Wietse Venema 🛠went serverless with CloudRun.

And to top things off: Tea Stojanovic and Constantijn Visinescu hosted a Google Developers Group Cloud meetup.

Where was that, you said? Yes; GoDataFest!

Open-Source and Dataiku

With a closing in style on Friday by Dataiku. Friday will not only be all about open-source, but attendees will also see the Data Science Pioneers documentary and finish the week with a bang thanks to the GoDataDriven Oktoberfest.

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