Posted on — 10 February 2021

GoDataDriven announces new partnership with Fivetran

February 2021 – GoDataDriven has entered a new partnership with Fivetran to strengthen their Analytics Engineering Services and accelerate data integration analytics.As Fivetran asserts and we fully agree; there is no ROI for organizations to build their own data pipelines. Fivetran provides data engineers the opportunities to pursue higher-value activities, as they no longer have to worry about building and maintaining data pipelines.

Fivetran is an automated data pipeline for enterprises that leverages the advantages
of cloud and big data. The company automates data integration through streaming from multiple sources to a destination via connectors and provides an analytics-ready schema. “We are excited to work with Fivetran,” says Rob Dielemans, CEO of GoDataDriven. “Teaming up with Fivetran in the automation of data integration will speed up the way we deliver actionable insights to our customers. Our clients can focus on analytics as they deal with engineering and it empowers us to drive profitability and reduce costs for our clients.”

GoDataDriven is specialized in data and AI, driving business transformations through services such as data- and analytics engineering, data science and analytics translation.

“GoDataDriven is a great partner and this new deal is a reflection of their dedication to help enterprises transcend their IT constraints and realize the value of data” says Stephen Mulholland, Sales Director at Fivetran. “We are excited to work with a company whose impact is evidenced on building Data and AI capabilities for their customers”

Modern businesses collect and use data for two reasons: to track performance and to innovate. These worlds have been separated for the last 10 years but are moving towards each other because of the common use of the cloud data platform.

GoDataDriven’s services and operations help companies to unlock the predictive and prescriptive value of their data through building data capabilities for their clients. This means using data to understand and predict future events and to implement actions that guarantee favorable outcomes. Fivetran will help GoDataDriven’s customers to integrate vast amounts of clean, well-structured data in order to produce actionable insights and build a strong foundation for data science.

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