Code Breakfast: Materialize with Metabase to implement real-time dashboards

June 24, 2021 / Online event

Build real-time views and dashboards on streams of data using Materialize and Metabase

Traditionally, performing real-time analytics on streams of data has been perceived as something hard that requires some skills that are difficult to find. You can build these skills yourself, of course, but imagine that you could do complex streaming analytics just writing a few lines of SQL and forget about Java or Scala.
That is what Materialize brings, an easy way to perform analytics on top of streams of data or continuously changing transactional databases. With Materialize, you can even combine streams of data in real-time, perform aggregations, and even publish your results to another topic to be consumed by a downstream service. In this real-time coding session, we will set up a local Materialize instance using Docker, subscribe to a stream of data and perform real-time analytics on it!
After that, we’ll be using Metabase, an open source data visualization tool, to display some real-time visuals on top of the Materialize views.

Program (Thursday 24/6)

8:30– 10:00 CET – Online event

Speaker: Guillermo Sánchez Dionis

Guillermo Sánchez Dionis

Guillermo is an Analytics Engineer with a really pragmatic and business oriented approach to Big Data Analytics.

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