Posted on — 05 March 2021

Exclusive training partnership with dbt labs for dbt training

March 2021 – Starting this month, GoDataDriven will be an exclusive training partner for dbt labs to offer dbt Learn training in European time zones. dbt Learn is a two-day training program that teaches analysts the tools and knowledge needed to own the entire analytics engineering workflow. Taught by the professional trainers and dbt superusers at GoDataDriven, analysts will walk away with a practical foundation in data, modeling strategies, automated testing, performance optimization, and much more.

dbt Labs is the Philadelphia-based company behind the dbt open-source analytics engineering tool. dbt (data build tool) enables analytics engineers to transform data in their warehouses by simply writing select statements. dbt turns these select statements into tables and views that can be tested, documented, and updated across environments.

“We chose GoDataDriven to be our training partner in Europe because of their proven experience providing high-quality training to thousands of data scientists, analysts and engineers, and because GoDataDriven practitioners have been early adopters of dbt and active contributors to the dbt community. We’re excited to scale our training options in Europe through this partnership.

-Amy Deora, Head of Alliances, dbt labs”

More information about dbt Learn and training data

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