Applied Data Throughout your Organization

Data Literacy Enables Better Decision-Making

Tackling Everyday Business Challenges with Data

What Is Data Literacy?

Data Literacy empowers professionals to measure and improve their work, outcomes and decisions, by using data.

Organizations underwrite the need to extend data-driven operations to develop a sustainable business. This need requires people in every aspect of the business to develop their proficiency to leverage data. The ability to understand how to tackle business challenges with data is called data literacy.

Data Literacy training programs enable professionals to identify use cases and leverage data through self-service analytics.

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The Value of Data Literacy

The ability to understand how to tackle business challenges with data offers numerous benefits. Research shows that data-driven organizations are more successful, companies where employees consistently use data in decision-making are one-and-a-half times more likely to report revenue growth.

Data Literacy creates synergies across functional domains, standardizes data operations, makes it easier for different teams to work together efficiently and above all; empowers organizations to identify high-value use case.

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Data Literacy Training Programs

A data literacy program is the most efficient way to develop data literacy within all levels of your organization, from executives and business translators, to data analysts, data scientists, and, data engineers, and for everyone else that comes in contact with data.

Combining eLearning modules to offer cost-effective learning interventions, workshops, on-demand modules and instructor-led sessions, the GoDataDriven data literacy program covers everything a professional needs to know of data in a way that fits the learning need for everyone, from executive to engineer.

The Right Format for Every Learning Style

On-Demand eLearning, Instructor-led Classes and Workshops, and Certification

The learning goal of such a journey is to empower business professionals to contribute to new analytics use cases and to help embedding data & analytics in the business processes.

The journey combines eLearning, instructor-led classes and workshops, and certification.

  1. Introduction: Speaking Data (eLearning)

    The different types of analytics, what is a model, what kind of insights can you expect from models and how to make it actionable. An entertaining online module with the goal to create a level-playing field, create a common vocabulary, and demystify analytics.

  2. Theory: The Value Chain of Analytics (Instructor-led class)

    How do you ensure data & analytics use cases can make an impact within your organization? How do you overcome the technical and business challenges to turn data into insights into value? In this instructor-led class we will explain the Value Chain of Analytics and how to leverage it within your company

  3. Practise: Use Case Discovery Workshop (Instructor-led workshop)

    It is now time to put the theory in practice. We start the workshop with a business objective: from there we work together with the participants to brainstorm analytics opportunities that are feasible and high-impact. In the workshop we use templates that facilitates collaboration between different departments, to increase teamwork.

  4. Demonstrate: Certification

    Have people learned? Are they ready to become ambassador for the data transformation and the data literacy program? A certification shows they acquired the right knowledge and with digital badges that can be used as email signature or shared on socials, they will proudly showcase their achievement.

Danone’s journey in upgrading the data literacy and skills of all employees

Heading into an increasingly data-enabled future, Danone sees data no longer as just a useful skill but an essential one. Therefore, they wanted to improve the data literacy and skills of all employees. By partnering up with GoDataDriven, EcolePolytechnique, and Quantmetry they’ve managed to set up a Data Academy and raised awareness around Data & AI. Through the different ways of learning incorporated within Danone, all employees have been enabled to use data to measure and improve their work, outcomes, and decisions.

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GoDataDriven starts with

Levelling the Playing Field

Before rolling out a data literacy program across the enterprise, the GoDataDriven consults work with the training program manager and the attendees to determine the starting point, to design the learning journeys and to pilot the program.


  • A Capability Baseline Assessment:
    Where are your employees standing, and where should they end up through the Data Literacy program. It includes learning goals for each role in the company touched by the program
  • The Setup of the Academy:
    Designing the curriculum, the impact measurement and the roadmap for the data literacy program
  • Pilot:
    Executing the very first batches to tune the program before roll-out


Designing the Journey

After benchmarking, we can design the learning journeys: 

  • We know where the end is as we defined the learning goals based on the expected capabilities
  • We know where we start: through the benchmark, we know where employees stand today.

The Data Literacy Learning Journey

A typical learning journey consists of:

  1. Description & Learning Type
  2. Specific topics for the persona
  3. Clear specification of duration & prerequistites:
  4. Learning objectives

For each persona, we will create a dedicated learning journey

Why us

The GoDataDriven Data & AI Academy

GoDataDriven has developed Learning Journeys for Executives, Managers, Analytics Translation, Analytics Users, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Data Engineers. No matter if you are a data professional looking for a public class to join, or an enterprise seeking to mature the data and AI skill level of the entire organization: GoDataDriven provides the experience, flexibility, and curriculum.

We are full stack​

We organize, we build, we train. Everybody is talking about data and AI. Our team has been implementing scalable data solutions since 2009.

Our trainers are often committers to the technology presented​

We contribute to Apache Airflow, Apache Kafka, Keras, Scikit-learn, pandas, Apache Avro, Apache Parquet, Apache Flink, Apache Spark and many more.

Start applying tomorrow what you learn today​

Battle-tested during more than 10,000 hours of classroom training, the extensive, hands-on curriculum has been developed with applicability in mind.

All of our trainers are consultants​

We bring real knowledge from the trenches. GoDataDriven has the expertise — built through years of working with the top enterprises in Europe.

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