GoDataDriven open source contribution: June 2018 edition

20 June, 2018

Welcome to the Open Source at GoDataDriven, June 2018 edition.

We start with Fokko and me. Together we did a lot of work on PyHive, with a number of PRs that
got combined in PR 219 and resulted in PyHive 0.6.0.

Fokko then did some more:

I also did some more with PR 88 to neovim-remote and PR 3563 to Airflow.


Are they maybe doing something with InfluxDB somewhere?

That’s it for this edition! If you are a software engineer
that would like to move in the data space, we have a new program, the
Data Engineering Training Program.

From now until October we are hiring five software engineers, offering each of them a specialised
training program. After finishing the program you’ll start working as a data engineer for us. Of
course you get a permanent position from the start of the program.

You can apply by visiting this link.

For more madness, follow me on Twitter: I’m gglanzani there!

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