About GoDataDriven


It all started with a Hadoop cluster and sparked an industrial revolution led by open-source technologies and data…

In 2009, we were pioneers in implementing modern data platforms like Hadoop. Back then, Big Data wasn’t a common term. But the technology opened up new business opportunities for our customers, which is always what matters.

The thrill of replacing a very expensive, licensed data platform with an open-source platform that easily outperformed its predecessor inspired us to become the country’s leading experts in open-source Big Data technologies. So, it should come as no surprise that GoDataDriven was the first Cloudera partner outside of the US.

After implementing Big Data technology, we began offering Data Engineering services and hired our first data scientist in 2012. We have since built a team of incredibly talented data scientists, many with Ph.D.’s. Our lead data scientists and lead data engineers are now complemented by top-notch analytics translators who work with the business to point out and develop AI use cases into applications that are a joy to use and add value to your bottom-line.

Guided by Principles

  1. Experience

    Everybody is talking about data and AI. Our team has been implementing scalable data solutions since 2009.

  2. Agile

    Our parent company, Xebia, has a long history of applying agile methodologies. This way of working is of particular importance in data projects, where test and learn is the only way. We embrace and extend Agile to Data Science projects.

  3. Not only analytics

    Next to our Data Science team, we employ experienced software engineers and IT professionals. We come from a background of delivering IT solutions and understand what it takes to implement new solutions in existing, enterprise IT environments.

  4. Local experience

    Our customer cases are all from the European market. Many big shops advertise experience in the US market, which is complicated to adapt to another territory (for reasons such as privacy, legislation, and compliance). Also, the knowledge required for these cases is not always available locally.

  5. Vendor independent

    We choose best-of-breed technology that both solves the problem and fits within your IT organization.

  6. No lock in

    We aggressively avoid lock-in to our services. We help our customers to become independent of us through training and knowledge sharing, instead of focusing on maintenance contracts.

Meet Our Experienced Team

Our team

“GoDataDriven helped us move from analysis and models to data products worthy of production. Now we can really derive value from our machine learning initiatives”

Remco Wilting Head of Data and Science